Celebrities With A Bigger Purpose Making A Bigger Difference

Celebrities can not help the very fact they which are so popular. We see them all over television on network television and cable and satellite channels. It’s us after all, the adoring fans that create LABOUM Profile them and make sure they are popular in the first place. When we didn’t value that which was going on inside their lives, they’d not become so famous. It might appear to the majority of us average unknown people that celebrities appear to be really full of themselves, and some defiantly are, but not absolutely all of them.

When we keep current with the news headlines, not the celebrity stuff, but important world event news, we should realize that there are celebrities that have made room for more things inside their lives besides themselves.

So lots of the celebrity entertainment programs that people watch, whether or not they come on network television or on cable or satellite channels, often do a lot more reporting on the newest scandals that the absolute most currently hot celebrities are immersed in. Many of us can not resist interest in who has been doing what and to whom. It’s human nature to want to be controlled by gossip, especially if it is true.

Something more important about human nature is hopefully a common desire to simply help others and for some reason make an amazing contribution to the society we live in. Sometimes the stir that some celebrities cause by what project they’re working on or what trouble some have gotten themselves into, can overshadow the tremendous humanitarian works that many other famous ones are involved in.

The musician referred to as Bono, who has been the lead singer and lyricist of the famous group, U2 is becoming known world wide not only for his music, but in addition for his humanitarian efforts in Africa. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and was given the status of honorary knighthood in the United Kingdom.

Other celebrities following his lead, especially concerning Africa, are Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney. They are employing their status to promote awareness of the deplorable conditions of the folks in Darfur in Sudan, Africa. Pitt and Jolie have adopted one orphan child from Cambodia and one from Ethiopia. Oprah Winfrey has recently started an all girl school for underprivileged girls in South Africa.

It would not be fair to leave out a smaller known actor and comedian that constantly encourages a greener and better world. Ed Begley Jr. has played characters in a number of tv shows and is becoming an outspoken activist for things green or things beneficial to our planet. He promotes all kinds of environmentally friendly products and currently features a show on HGTV called Coping with Ed.

So next time you think some celebrities are just more pretty faces, look a little closer and you could see something a bit more substantial.

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