Four Ingenious Uses For Your Discarded Printer Cartridges

You’ve probably ever been in a storeroom surrounded by toner cartridges, wondering what you should do with them all. While the most obvious solution is to dispose of them, there are many other options.

What do you do about your printer cartridges when there are so many pages to print? Many people just throw them away, without considering the environmental impact empty oil cartridges. In the UK, there are approximately 200,000,000 printer cartridges that end up in landfills each year. It can take hundreds of years before one cartridge goes to waste. Why not recycle these cartridges to improve the environment? This will allow you to clear out your storage space without increasing the amount of waste going to landfills. These are some things you can do to your old printer cartridge.

1. 1.Refill the used cartridge of your printer

There are three types toner and ink cartridges.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges (OEM Cartridges): These cartridges are made directly by the printer manufacturer.

Remanufactured or recycled original cartridges: These empty cartridges are checked for any faults and then refilled, rebuilt, and repackaged to sell again.

Compatible cartridges are cartridges that have been manufactured by a third party manufacturer.

You don’t have to throw away your old printer cartridge. Instead, you can have it refilled. You can re-fill a used cartridge with ink or toner up to six times during its lifetime. You will use cartridges daily for large printing jobs so it is often cheaper to buy new cartridges. You can refill your used cartridges yourself if you have the patience, time and skills. You will need to buy a refill kit at a local or online printing supply shop. Be aware that mistakes in refilling can leave behind stains which could cause printer problems.

Here are some tips for refilling your printer cartridge.

To insert the ink, use a syringe.

Place the ink cartridge on top and make a small opening.

After you have filled the cartridge, place it back in the printer.

If you are unable to refill your empty cartridge by yourself, you can send it to a printer supply store to have it refilled for you. Your old, worn-out cartridge can be replaced in no time.

2. You can make money with your used printer cartridge

Did you know that you can make money selling your used printer cartridges? There are incentives offered by some companies to recycle their empty cartridges. You can also find online companies that will purchase your used cartridges for cash. The quality of the cartridge you use and the company that you recycle it with will determine the amount you get.

Some stores will give you store credit for returning your printer cartridge. Many big chain stores will accept the cartridges back and give you credit or coupons for any purchase in the shop. Some stores will accept your old ink or toner cartridges, and offer a discount when they are purchased a new cartridge.

You can make money with your printer cartridges in the future. As a result, you will be able to make extra money and have more environmental benefits. You might have a lot of money in your stash – perhaps your next vacation will be completely free!

3. Donate your printer cartridge to charity

Donating your old printer cartridges can raise funds for charities. Many charities have agreements with recycling companies where they receive money in return for the cartridges. It is easy – simply drop off your cartridges or mail them to the charity you choose. The cartridges will be sent to recycling companies by the charities. They will receive funds in return. You can also send your cartridge directly to recycling companies, and ask for your profits to be sent to charity.

It is your responsibility to generate additional funds for these charities. Don’t throw away your printer cartridge. There are many companies that can help you with this. Some have kiosks you can pick up in your area, while others allow you to mail the cartridges free of charge. You can also donate ink or toner cartridges this way. Your community will benefit from your generosity.

4. Use your old printer cartridge to make home decorations

You don’t have to throw away your printer cartridge when you can reuse them throughout the house. Your used cartridge can be used to prevent your paper from flying next time. Once they have been cleaned well, they make great paperweights. You can place them at work or on your desk. You can also paint them to make it more attractive.

You can make decorative objects out of your used cartridges, which is a more artistic use. David and Cathy Winton created a series desk lamps and chandeliers using their old printer cartridges. Get creative! You can dress it up with a magnet and attach it to the back after it’s dried. You can make a fridge magnet that is unique and original by doing this.

There are endless possibilities

There are many other reasons, but the main point is to not overcrowd your landfills. You will be helping the environment and cleaning out your storage cupboards, which will ultimately help you.

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